SAKE-ZEN Artworks 始動。世界に存在しない「SAKEを愉しむ酒器」から

A good sake cup is essential for drinking delicious sake.
Anyone who has every compared drinking the same sake from hirahai [shallow cup] and guinomi [sake cup] will know.
“Vessels transform sake.”
In the same way that water, rice, malted rice, and yeast have different effects, vessels can have a drastic influence on the taste of sake.
If we do not know that, we remain ignorant of the “true taste” of delicious sake.






The human tongue has surprisingly complex taste sensors and, with sake, depending upon where it makes contact inside your mouth, or depending upon how it vaporizes and exits your nose, the way it tastes can sometimes be completely contradictory.
…Pour it into a vessel, and on occasion, swirl it, and enjoy the degree to which it reacts with the air.
That is how to enjoy SAKE as you would wine, from the same category of fermented liquors.
…The taste will differ completely depending upon the shape and angle of the lip for
Kanzake [warmed sake], reishu [chilled sake], and awasake [sparkling sake] ― All of which will certainly, moving forward, become common knowledge for gourmets.







Sen-no-Rikyu’s beloved hometown was Sakai in Osaka, Japan. These sake vessels were made using clay called “senshudo”.
Something that elicits the origins of chanoyu [Japanese tea ceremony]…
It goes without saying that sake is an indispensable constituent of chakaiseki [dishes served before the tea ceremony] We have treasured tea bowls ― In this day and age, isn’t it imperative that we also have, in particular, treasured drinking vessels?





Form and size. In the wake of countless trials, and examinations of textures that best harmonize with sake,
at this very moment, being created is a drinking vessel unlike any other in the world.
So that connoisseurs from around the world can enjoy the flavor and atmosphere of beautiful, delicious, “true Japanese sake”…