The Captivating Appeal of Rectangular Plates and Ceramic Tiles.




Rectangular plates and ceramic tiles‐they’re somewhat difficult to use at home.

If fancy ones are used at a restaurant, Japanese food connoisseurs might instinctively feel that, “Without a doubt, this restaurant is a good restaurant that cares about refined tastes and wares.”

Although sometimes too heavy, or otherwise difficult to use (of course, there are also ceramic tiles that mitigate that difficulty), there is an appeal to them that can drastically transform a sake-zen into a delectable display. Even colorful samplings of hors d’oeuvres, such as cheese and prosciutto, will look quite nice and appetizing.




The fish is a large Japanese halfbeak, salted and grilled. The elegant white meat and smoky aroma of the skin are sublime.

Take a look. I placed the same accompaniment on three different types of rectangular plates. Can you see how the appeal of each differs, and how each looks so uniquely lovely and delicious? That is what makes ceramic tiles created by artisans so captivating.

Those who are particularly compelled to contemplate combinations with sake cups, and sake, are chefs and drunken customers. They go out of their way to try and match differing styles of sake vessels.


What kind of accompaniment would you choose to serve, and what kind of sake vessel would you choose to compliment it?